Frequently Asked Questions

How confidential and safe is Speed Date?

Very, I never give out personal details and the connections are made only with the contact you give out yourself on the "Speed Date Ticket".

What do I say?

Speed Date takes on a life of its own, it is just so easy to strike up a conversation with only 5 minutes allowed.

  • "Have you done this before?"
  • "What interests you in your spare time?"
  • "This is my first Speed Date experience, how about you?" 

And then the bell rings and the men move to the next lady. What could be easier!

What should I wear?

Smart, casual, although some attend straight after work and that is fine. Some dress as if they are on their first date and they always have a tick or 2 alongside their name.

When do I know the results of the Speed Date?

The very next day.